shooting one's own foot

Even Brian Tracy can get it wrong!

Brian Tracy is a highly regarded ‘guru’ in the field of self development – a self-styled Best-Selling Author and Success Expert. He’s someone I have long respected for the wisdom he writes and says. But today I received a promotional email from him that put a severe dent in that …read more Source: PKP Communicators […]

PKP and Kanchenjunga


By phillipkp It was a sunny Sunday afternoon in July 2001, and I was driving my Irish girlfriend, Evelyn, to Stansted airport to catch her flight home after the weekend we had shared in Bromley. She was asleep beside me and I kept nodding off for fractions of a second. I knew …read more Source: […]

Who wrote that letter for you, then?

By phillipkp Standard letters. They undermine customer relationships, undo the best PR, lose customers, conflict with a company’s marketing efforts. I have no objection to the use of standard letters, only to the letters themselves. Because they are seldom written by copywriters. In fact, they frequently read like the scribblings of backroom workers …read more […]

what do people hear

The Naive Customer

By phillipkp I believe people. That makes me a sucker for sales pitches and confidence tricksters, many of whom infest the internet. I am also an early adopter. When something new comes along, I’ll take it up. And when I come across a good deal, I want it NOW. Such tendencies have repeatedly got me […]

When is a Yes not a Yes?

When I introduced Michael to Derek, a Methodist minister, the conversation turned to ethics and morality. “Are you allowed to lie?” asked Michael, a little aggressively. Pausing just fractionally, Derek replied, “In certain circumstance, yes. It’s called Situational Ethics. That’s when your answer is simply a way of saying Mind Your Own Business.” Michael was […]

How to make a one-minute speech

The key elements are: • establish context or commonality • hook • theme • need or problem • benefit/disadvantage • offer solution/make a proposition • outcome Start by sending out a carrier wave, some way of establishing common ground, e.g. ” We are all communicators here…” or “It’s the question we speakers are always asking […]

Ever been asked to get to the point?

What’s the point you’re making? Get to the point. Click! All within 3 seconds. That’s all the time you have to grab or lose your listener’s attention. Let me help you understand why it happens and what you can do about it. First, let’s consider why. Every day, each of us is assailed by thousands […]