PKP and Kanchenjunga

Why I lost my watch at Dublin airport

I was early getting to Dublin airport. After the Bag Drop, we strolled over to the Departure Gate and scanned our Boarding Passes, declined the offers of clear plastic bags for liquids and toothpaste and joined one of the funnels for Airport Security. That’s the fancy name for the process …read more Source: Phillip KP […]

successful correspondence

Brown envelopes get opened!

They have long been associated with ‘bungs’ and payoffs, referred to with a smirk. Filled with cash to avoid a paper trail. But brown envelopes were also used frequently for official mail – stern warnings and timely reminders from the Inland Revenue, utility bills, circulars, and the original junk …read more Source: PKP Communicators

When West meets East

Oh, East is East, and West is West, and never the Twain shall meet Of course the twain do meet in today’s small world—but research since the 1980s has illuminated huge differences between western thinking on the one hand and the way people think in the Far East …read more Source: PKP Communicators