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Here’s a 30-point 1-Minute Checklist that will get you started. It tells you all the things you need to know.

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One Minute Checklist

You can get my help by phone or Skype, just when you need it, without having to set aside a day for training. Here’s the first of 6 short video clips, each on one essential element of public speaking:

How Your Audience Listens

Phillip Khan-Panni helps you connect with your audience

The other 5 are:

  • A Common Fallacy About Speaking
  • Why Facts Don’t Persuade And What Does
  • The Four Steps In The Process Of Persuasion
  • How To Make The Perfect Elevator Speech
  • How To Find The Balance In Your Voice

To see them, simply click here.

What can I do for you? I could:

  • Show you how to produce a really effective speech or presentation
  • Write it for you
  • Help you deliver it

And who am I to make such a claim? First Triple Anglo-Irish Champion in public speaking, Second in the World Championship, and Inaugural UK Business Speaker of the Year. Co-founder of the Professional Speaking Association.

No need to set aside a day for training. We could arrange a monthly contract that lets you call for help as when you need it. By phone or Skype.

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