Written Word


Speech writing

  • Identify the core message
  • Follow a structure
  • Include the key elements
  • Not an essay
  • Oratorical devices
  • Full script or notes/cards
  • Understand that it is not an essay
  • Know the kind of structure to follow
  • Be able to draft a speech outline
Blank page to first draft in 15 minutes  
  • Importance of a sexy title
  • Identifying the core message
  • Mining your brain for content
  • Simple structures to follow
  • First draft from speaker’s notes
  • When you have more time
  • Draft a speech or presentation from scratch in 15-20 minutes
  • Have a sample draft to serve as a template
Sequence of Persuasion  
  • How persuasion works in writing
  • The sales approach that never fails
  • Understanding AIDA
  • Connecting persuasion and structure
  • Making your own message persuasive
  • Understanding persuasion in writing
  • Know the sequence to follow
  • Improve chances of more successful presentations
Use of Structure  
  • Why structure works
  • Text based on simple structures
  • Understanding how people receive
  • Importance of transitions
  • Aiding listeners’ recall
  • Better understanding of connecting with an audience
  • Easier to remember the speech or presentation
Writing a sales letter  
  • Purpose and style
  • Writing a headline and subheads
  • Long copy or short copy?
  • Crafting the opening
  • Sequence of persuasion
  • Language: trigger words
  • Drafting a sample letter
  • Know the errors to avoid
  • Understanding the role of headline
  • Have a sample to follow
  • Make more sales
Press releases  
  • Developing media relationships
  • What journalists expect
  • Focusing on core message
  • Drafing a sample press release
  • Preparing soundbites
  • Understanding how to structure and draft a press release
  • Have an actual sample as a template
Presentation script  
  • Telling the right story
  • Avoiding the linear approach
  • Identifying your added value
  • What outcome are you seeking?
  • Reception not transmission
  • Building a presentation with clear objectives
  • Understand audience targeting
  • Follow a defined structure
  • Improved success rate

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