An exceptional shortcut to writing a speech or presentation

Practical skills in a single day

It is often said that the most difficult part of writing a speech is the blank page at the start. Some people can sit in front of that page for an hour or two and still end up with nothing. Others take the amazing risk of deciding to ‘wing’ or ‘busk’ it. It’s a risk to their reputations and to the regard that others may currently have for them, as well as to their own self esteem, if they should fail.

We offer the twin services of writing your speech for you, or showing you how to do it for yourself. The course covers everything you need to know, from identifying your core message to the notes you will use. It includes focus, structure and language—remember that the text that is written to be said is different from the text that is written to be read.

If you have a speech to write, we will help you to draft it on the course.

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