A simpler approach to Presentation Skills & Speech making

Ever been on a training course on Presentation Skills? Of course you have. How much of it do you remember and use today?

Most training courses fail to live up to expectations. So let’s try a new approach.

Now you can choose from 14 modules on the Spoken Word and 7 on the Written Word. I have indicated the main content elements and the outcomes you can expect from each.

Typically, a full day will consist of 4 modules, and a half-day will have 2 modules. Some of the time will be occupied by some general stuff but essentially you get to choose the modules that will benefit you and your people most.

The modules are designed for a maximum of 8 people and I can quote you a fixed fee for each module, so you can book 2,3 or 4 modules and know exactly what you will be getting, and what you can expect the outcomes to be.

Guarantee. Did I mention my satisfaction guarantee? I have declared the outcomes you can expect. If they do not happen, I’ll give you back your money.

Call me to discuss the fees. But before you do, let me ask you this: what is worth to your company to give your staff the outcomes I am promising? For example, for each person on the course to get over the fear of public speaking and have a technique for “saying a few words” off the cuff?

And what is it worth to your company to avoid the gaffes that embarrass you and ruin the reputation of the people who speak to the media on your behalf?

Put a figure on those benefits and you’ll have a better understanding of the added value from my training.

For the Spoken Word go here. And for the Written Word, click this.

Call me. I’m Phillip Khan-Panni. You’ll find me at and on LinkedIn here.

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