Spoken Word

Elevator Speech  
  • Networking nightmare
  • “What do you do?”
  • Why you need an Elevator Speech
  • What it is and its significance
  • Composing your Elevator Speech
  • Ready to understand networking question
  • Understand your own added value
  • Focus mind on business purpose
  • A new and useful Elevator Speech
Sequence of Persuasion  
  • How persuasion works
  • The sales approach that never fails
  • Understanding AIDA
  • Connecting persuasion and structure
  • Making your own message persuasive
  • Understand persuasion in selling
  • Know the sequence to follow
  • Improve chances of more successful presentations
Use of Structure  
  • Why structure works
  • Using several simple structures
  • Understanding how people listen
  • Importance of transitions
  • Aiding listeners’ recall
  • Better understanding of connecting with an audience
  • Retain audience interest
  • Easier to remember the speech or presentation
Impromptu Speaking / Q&A  
  • “Saying a few words” on demand
  • Use of simple structures
  • Buying time
  • How to stay on top
  • Remove or reduce fear of public speaking
  • Be more impressive on the platform
  • Handle interviews with aplomb
Delivering a speech or presentation  
  • Focusing on your core message
  • Connecting with the audience
  • Speaking with or without notes?
  • Belief in what you are saying
  • Making it a performance
  • Knowing why it’s you that’s speaking
  • Understanding how people listen
  • Making it 2-way communication
  • Be more confident about public speaking
  • Deliver a speech or presentation that’s worth hearing
  • Be more impressive on the platform
Speaking to the media  
  • Developing media relationships
  • Knowing what is news
  • Expectations of journalists
  • Preparing for interviews
  • Soundbites and traps to avoid
  • Delivering your key message
  • Avoid media gaffes
  • Get your corporate message across
  • Improve your PR
Platform presence  
  • Owning the space
  • How to open with impact
  • Making it a performance
  • Meaningful eye contact
  • Moving with a purpose
  • Look and sound impressive when making a speech or presentation
  • Know how to connect with an audience
  • Take charge of the stage
Improving the way you sound  
  • Pitch, pace and pauses
  • Speaking with conviction
  • Sounding authoritative
  • The Mozart effect
  • How vocal variety adds meaning
  • Sound more impressive and agreeable
  • Gain authority
  • Improve success rate
Effective use of visual aids  
  • Creating slides that work
  • VA that support and not supplant you
  • Presenting without slides
  • Using the flipchart effectively
  • Managing PowerPoint
  • Avoid Death by PowerPoint
  • Look more professional when presenting
  • Retain interest of the audience
Understanding Body Language  
  • Posture and first impressions
  • Gestures and movement
  • Making yourself likeable
  • The effect of distractions
  • Enhance the message of your presentations
  • Keep audience interested
Making your mark in meetings  
  • What gets you noticed
  • Timing: knowing when to speak
  • When to say nothing
  • Testing the temperature
  • 2-step intervention
  • Following impromptu rules
  • Get noticed
  • Get your point across and accepted
  • Look more masterful
Overcoming fear of Public Speaking  
  • What causes the fear
  • Understanding your added value
  • Speaking about your expertise
  • How to speak with conviction
  • Measuring the improvement
  • Improved confidence
  • Strategy for overcoming the blocking fear
Communicating more effectively  
  • Why 1-way communication fails
  • Checking the precision of your normal vocabulary
  • The difference between what you say and what is heard
  • Simple strategy for checking that you get your point across
  • Greater precision in what you say
  • Improved verbal communication
  • Strategy for avoiding misunderstandings
Crisis Management  
  • Knowing what is a crisis
  • Who/what is at risk
  • Causes and consequences
  • 10 steps to manage a crisis
  • Strategy for identifying and handling a crisis
  • Template for crisis management procedure, with step by step guidance
  • Greater control of the consequences of difficult situations

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