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How do you like your copy—strong or frothy, sweet or as it comes?

Writing speeches, presentations, brochures and sales letters is not easy, and you may prefer someone else to do it for you. That’s where I come in. As a professional copywriter (that’s why I call myself a wordsmith) I can speed up the process for you and improve the effectiveness of your written messages.

You could be a small business or a large one, an advertising or PR agency, or a design firm. I’ll write for you.

Let’s meet for copy and you can tell me your preference. I think you’ll like the flavour of the copy I can brew.

Call me on +353 (0)89 611 7427 or +44 (0)7768 696254.

Speeches: Speech making is one of my special skills. As a speech make myself, I have won more speech contests than anyone in Europe, and ranked second in the World Championship of Public Speaking. Let me write you a speech that excites, inspires or motivates your listeners.

Presentations: Whether you use a script of just speaker notes, you need an outline script that follows the sequence of persuasion and gives you a sporting chance of getting the result you are after. Among my published books are The FT Guide to Making Business Presentations as well as Getting Your Point Across and several others.

Sales letters: Do you throw away the direct mail you receive? That’s because they fail to do the job properly. My speciality is B2B letters that get to the point without irritating the recipient. Letters that get read. Letters that get response. For 8 years I was Senior Copywriter at Reader’s Digest. My letters made sales. Let me do the same for you.

Advertising: If you have an advertising agency doing good work for you already, I shall not interfere. But if your advertising needs a fresh look, perhaps I can help. The advertising I write is called Direct Response. It is intended to get a response, stimulate an enquiry, make a sale.

Sales scripts: This is a specialist function. Think about the way you react to a cold call on the phone. Now you know why it takes a seasoned sales manager to get it right. My approach took an ailing sales team from £9.28 million (in today’s values) to £29.25 million in under one year. Perhaps I could do something for your sales team?

Brochures: A brochure is a sales presentation in print. It is not simply a display window. Being quite expensive to produce, it needs to pay its way. That’s where the skill of the copywriter pays its part.

CVs that get results: A sales pitch that usually fails is the CV. Most do not get read by recruiters. The CVs I write (see CV-Masterclass.com) look different and read more appealingly than most. They produce a far higher rate of invitations to interview than conventional CVs. And why? Because they sell the person’s added value, not the work history.

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