Common faults with CVs

Almost everyone I have spoken to with experience of recruitment has described with a sneer the really appalling CVs they have received. These people can generally do no better, believe me because I’ve seen their own efforts—but there is some truth to the rumours and it is the case that …read more Source: CV Masterclass

Top CV writing tips

Areas covered in this article: The mechanics of producing a decent CV The thought process behind a good CV I want to simplify the subject by keeping away from jargon and concentrating on what a CV is actually for. When I started writing CVs for a living we were just moving from the age …read […]

CV types and styles

Areas covered in this article: What MUST appear in your CV All the various design options I shall concentrate here on bringing common sense and my huge experience of writing over 4000 CVs to cut through all the myths surrounding what a CV should be. Over the last 10 years people have become confused …read […]

shooting one's own foot

Even Brian Tracy can get it wrong!

Brian Tracy is a highly regarded ‘guru’ in the field of self development – a self-styled Best-Selling Author and Success Expert. He’s someone I have long respected for the wisdom he writes and says. But today I received a promotional email from him that put a severe dent in that …read more Source: PKP Communicators […]

Deliver what it says on your tin

By phillipkp I was looking for inspiration. I have been running public speaking programmes for many years and wondered if I was missing a trick. Perhaps I could still learn from others in the business. So I turned to a book written by a highly-acclaimed ‘expert’, only to be disappointed. My expectations …read more Source: […]

Chinese words

Is there a sub-text?

By phillipkp Elsewhere, someone has written a blog on the following quote from George Bernard Shaw: “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” I am in the middle of such an example myself. I wrote in a Facebook forum asking for help with a problem …read more Source: […]

Are you receptive to feedback?

By Phillip I was just coaching a speaker via Skype, following a public speech he recently delivered. One of my observations was that he seems a little too controlled. Not enough passion. He said, “Two or three others have told me the same thing.” He knew, yet he had not acted on that feedback, …read […]

Comment on (a) marriage

By phillipkp Charles Saatchi’s ‘small domestic’ that went viral has prompted me to put fingers to keyboard to comment on his marriage in particular and marriage in general. He had a row in public with his wife. Is it any of our business? Only to establish that she is safe, that’s all. We …read more […]

The language of a speech or presentation

By phillipkp Every once in a while I come across a phrase that says exactly what I have in mind, with all the economy and beauty of poetry, and if it comes from someone else, I borrow it — but acknowledge the source.  For example Peggy Noonan, speechwriter to …read more Source: PKP Communicators