Articles by Phillip Khan-Panni

This page will take you on a journey around the world with just a click of your mouse! Find helpful advice and hints on many aspects helpful for the traveller, especially with business in mind. You can find out about body language, learn the origins of Feng Shui, discover how to create a cross-culturally friendly website, and much more.

Mind what you say to foreigners

Language problems can get in the way of good communication with those from abroad. Here’s a simple guide to connecting better.

Top 10 Tips for Public Speaking

Here’s all you need to know to make your speech or presentation worth hearing, in an easy-to-remember 3-3-4 formation.

Differences between writing and speaking

A concise explanation of the fundamentsal differences between written and spoken communication. It’s essential to get it right, especially in business.

8-Point Guide to Effective Presentations

Here is a short summary of the eight most important considerations in preparing a business presentation. Follow this guide and you will be worth hearing.

Why a speaker needs a good Introduction

Introductions are launch pads. A perfunctory introduction does the speaker a disservice and obliges him or her to create their own warm-up. Here you’ll find some useful Dos and Don’ts from a champion speaker.

Top 10 Tips For Doing Business Around The World

This section gives you a brief cultural overview of specific regions of the world, and Top Tips for over 60 countries, along with their holiday dates and festivities.

The 5 Stages of Cultural Learning

This briefly describes the process we go through as we learn to adjust to a new environment, whether it’s in a new country or a new job!

Why Speaking Louder And Slower Doesn’t Work

Yes, we’ve all done it! Discover why speaking slower doesn’t really help foreigners to understand us better. It’s not the language, but the attitudes. It’s not vocabulary, but values.

The Most Common Danger Point In Dialogues

Smile when you read this, and remember how many times you’ve come across the problem.

10 Tips On Humour

When is a joke not a joke? When no one else finds it funny! Discover how humour differs.

20 Tips On Body Language

There are so many ways we can give off the ‘wrong’ signal, or an inappropriate one. Click here to discover some of things we should be aware of.

East West Differences

East and West are different. Find out just how much when you read this section.

20 Tips on Negotiating In The Far East

Here are 20 things we feel are important for you to know, or consider, before you start negotiating in the Far East.

Japanese words

Yin and Yang and Feng Shui along with Guanxi are Japanese words we’ve heard of. Click for a brief overview of their origin and meaning.

Go Ni Itte Wa Go Hi Shitagae

Click here to discover what this Japanese saying means – you’ll probably know it! Also, here you’ll find many handy hints on getting the best from your trips abroad.

Cross Cultural Quotations

Enjoy this collection of quotations about many types of culture shock; from novels, business writings and time-honoured sayings; from the famous and infamous; from modern day and past times.

Face, Harmony And Machismo

Learn the fundamental attitudes behind these three powerful approaches to life and enhance the success of your communication.

Social And Business Etiquette

Here’s a myriad helpful hints—some of which you may not have thought about.

10 Mistaken Assumptions Of International Negotiations

Click above for a quick overview of the difference between negotiations at home and abroad.

15 Tips On Negotiating

Here are 15 things you need to know if you want to negotiate on the international scene.

10 Tips On International Meetings

Check out these 10 important factors and consider whether you account for them in your international meetings.

10 Tips On Using Business Cards

Discover the etiquette around giving and receiving cards. Here are some good tips for use at home as well as abroad.

International Email Etiquette

Email nightmares can be a thing of the past if we all adopt an international standard. Click above to discover how to make your emails more globally-friendly.

Cross Cultural Knowledge Transfer

From muscle-power to brain-power—discover the implications that culture has on learning, sharing and transferring knowledge across your organisation.

Knowledge Management

What’s new about knowledge management isn’t the knowledge but the management. A brief overview helps you to learn how poor cross cultural communication will create barriers.

10 Tips on Networking

Want to know how to make the most of new contacts? These ten tips will guide your understanding of what it takes to make yourself attractive to new business contacts.

10 Tips on Presentations, Reporting And Notes

Click above for guidelines in helping you meet the expectations of your readers from around the globe when writing business documents.

10 Tips On Creating A Cross-Cultural Web Site

Here you can find here some practical, common-sense tips on ensuring your web site is globally friendly. You might want to consider some of these for use in your domestic arena.