Be the BEST Best Man and Make A Stunning Speech


Be The Best Best Man

The One-stop guide to being a really effective all-round Best Man

So he asked, and you’ve accepted. Now you face the brief but terrifying prospect of making the Best Man’s speech. In this book you will find all the help you need to get that fear under control, and to make a speech that will amaze your friends and family. However, this is more than a speech boo—it’s a one-stop guide to being a really effective all-round Best Man. It will help you to enjoy your role as Best Man and make the occasion successful as well as memorable.

While the groom basks in the goodwill of everyone present, the Best Man is in the spotlight. With the guidance of this book, it could be an opportunity for him (or her!) to buckle his swash. There are plenty of jokes, celebrity sayings, anecdotes and sample speeches to simplify the process of delivering a stunning speech.