Two kinds of one-to-one sessions

<a href=Phillip Khan-Panni” title=”Phillip Khan-Panni” width=”223″ height=”231″ class=”alignright size-full wp-image-1135″ /> For key individuals we offer one-to-one coaching, to develop specific skills, to prepare for a significant presentation, or to develop people skills. Business leaders are often isolated, needing an impartial, external eye and ear to guide their decision-making and leadership styles. We specialise in:

  • Leadership,
  • Management, and
  • Communication Skills.

We work with diplomats, politicians and business leaders, often those on the international stage. In addition, we help sports personailities make the transition from playing to the speaking circuit.

In all our coaching programmes, you will have telephone support, as required, to ensure that the coaching is both relevant and of maximum practical benefit.

We also offer all-day clinics, in which up to 6 people can have short, sharp sessions, one-to-one, and usually dealing with one issue or skill for each person. It allows busy people like you to get the help you need, 1-2-1, without being away from your desks for more than an hour or two. It is not only an economical solution for key people., but a practical one. For example, three one-day clinics in consecutive weeks will give up to six people more focused benefit than three group training days.

Experience has shown that our coaching will produce a measurable improvement in your skills. A series of short sessions is recommended.

Contact us

Please call or email us for details of any course, and for our fees. All our courses can be in-house or open, and online training modules will shortly be available. They will give you access to our training in a low-cost and convenient way.

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