10 Tips on presentations reporting and notes

  1. American—starts with the outcome, provides very little context, lots of white space, easy to read. Clear message up-front—you don’t need to think, just question. Lots of White Space.
  2. UK—present the evidence first and then write conclusions.
  3. ‘Euro Rational Nations’—lots of context, facts and figures; argues both sides of the issue. You need to be able to reason and follow the argument. Academic Style of Presenting.
  4. Far East—Extensive preparation and documentation required.
  5. China—detailed, technical and factual. Speak often of trust and co-operation. Focus on long-term benefits. Lots of documentation required.
  6. Japan—no surprises. A good idea is to send written material in advance, lots of copies, translated into Japanese. This will speed up the decision-making process.
  7. Nordics—clear, precise, emphasize hard facts, include figures. Finns and Swedes need to know your adherence to ‘soft’ and environmental issues. Ability to put aside personal issues for common good. Tolerance, human kindness and personal independence.
  8. Latin America—imaginative, flowery language; preferably verbal! They hate paper. Don’t expect minutes of meetings as they do not understand the need for them.
  9. Arab—lots of writing and paper. The seriousness of the report is judge by its thickness. This will not necessarily be used, as a face-to-face meeting is more important.
  10. India and Africa—when writing in English the language is very formal. Great use of the passive tense. Needs lots of context and takes a long time to get to the point.

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