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The FT Guide To Making Business Presentations

This is a comprehensive guide to help you plan, write and deliver your next presentation with maximum impact. Written by a co-founder of the Professional Speaking Association, this book focuses on getting you the results you need from your presentation, whether you are selling a product or service, a proposed change or even your own skills and abilities. It will show you how to persuade your audience by being relevant, clear, engaging and memorable.

♦I found this both an easy read and a most useful refresher. I have been making speeches and presentations for many years but this book gave me a new understanding of the relationship between presenter and audience. It helped me better to understand how audiences listen and was particularly helpful on the use of structure. The book’s own structure made it easy to dip into at will, and there is a useful section at the end to enable the reader to monitor future progress. I recommend it highly.


Getting Your Point Across

Getting Your Point Across: Now you can be a more effective and interesting speaker. This book reveals the secrets of…Have you ever made a presentation and noticed that some in your audience were not listening? Ever had a conversation with a person who kept looking over your shoulder for someone more interesting? Ever tried to make your point in a meeting, only for the chair to cut you off before you had finished?

If anything like that has ever happened to you, you need this book.

Getting your message across quickly and effectively is a skill that will get you noticed and give you the competitive edge in business. It will make you more interesting, give you the high ground in group discussions, gain you the respect and even the admiration of your peers.

Forget ‘the gift of the gab’. Learn how to transform yourself into a compelling speaker. Discover how to put your message across in a way that makes others want to hear it. This book will uncover the secrets of powerful communication. Don’t put it back on the shelf!

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Blank Page to First Draft in 15 Minutes:

The most effective shortcut to preparing a speech or presentation

This guide contains techniques, checklists, and effective planning for speech writing and presentation preparation. It provides guidance on structure and equips the reader for impromptu speaking engagements or question and answer sessions.

♦I highly recommend this book. If you use the advice and follow the structures, I have no doubt that you will become a more confident speaker, able to prepare an excellent speech with a clear message that will light up your audiences.

S Desmond

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Be the Best Best Man And Make a stunning Speech! (How to)

The focus of this book is on that brief but terrifying prospect: the Best Man’s speech. The book includes techniques for using stories, jokes and quotations that will lift your speech well above the bare necessities, helping you not only to make the speech, but also to enjoy it. More than just a guide to the Best Man’s speech, this book is a one-stop guide to being a really effective, all round, Best Man. Above all its purpose is to help you enjoy your role as Best Man and to make it an occasion that honours the groom and his chosen bride.

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Communicating Across Cultures

Co-authored with Deborah Swallow

Phillip Khan-Panni is an acclaimed speaker, trainer and consultant in business communication. He runs his own communications consultancy, is a member of the Professional Speakers Association and the Chartered Institute of Marketing, and was runner up in the World Professional Speaking Championship held in the USA. Together with Phillip Khan-Panni, Deborah Swallow runs 4C International Ltd, which provides cross-cultural training. She is a sought-after speaker and trainer, gaining the highest accolade when she won the National Training Award in 1999. Much of Deborah’s working life is spent abroad, lecturing and training in multi-cultural matters. 4C International Ltd. is based in: Bromley, Kent, UK.

♦Communicating Across Cultures is a beautifully written, easy to understand book that is a must for anyone doing business with other cultures. It enhances the detail we need to know about other cultures with stories and personal anecdotes which makes a complicate subject easy to read about and enjoy. I will be using it as my pocket guide on my own business travels. If you use the advice and follow the structures, I have no doubt that you will become a more confident speaker, able to prepare an excellent speech with a clear message that will light up your audiences.

M Moseley

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How to Make Your Point in Just a Minute:

Get to the Heart of the Matter Quickly and Make Your Listeners Want to Hear More

The first few minutes are crucial in any communication.

If you can express yourself succinctly you will always have the competitive edge. You will be interesting to listen to, you will take the high groud in group discussions, you will command the respect of your peers, clients and audiences. For that to happen you need to be able to get to the heart of the matter quickly, so that your listeners will want to hear more, and will give you their attention in the knowledge that it will be time well spent.

♦Improve Your Life!

As a teacher it’s imperative to make your point concisely.

I am now the king of Short snappy explanations. Especially when I’m on the telephone to Council Tax or asking my boss for a pay rise!!!


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Stand and Deliver: Leave Them Stirred Not Shaken

PHILLIP KHAN-PANNI is a leading authority on effective verbal communication. An acclaimed professional speaker, he has been UK Champion a record seven times and is the UK’s only World No.2 in Public Speaking. Through his consultancy, PKP Communicators, he coaches business leaders in persuasive communication, cross culture and leadership, and is available to speak at conferences and business meetings. You don’t have to be a born speaker to be a good one. You can learn how to get your point across effectively. Hence this book. It will guide your thinking, give you some of the essential skills, help take away the fear of standing up before an audience and telling them what you know. This book is aimed at anyone who has to make a speech or presentation,and who wants to do it well. It will help you with:

  • Focusing on the right message
  • Structuring your speech or presentation
  • Sounding better
  • Connecting with your audience
  • Improving your confidence

…And more. It even includes commentaries on some famous speeches. The central message is: “Have something to say and really want to say it, not just for your own sake, but for the benefit of your listeners.”

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