What is the real meaning behind what people say?

You are a communicator — that’s why you are on this page. So you can have fun thinking about the real meaning of the statements below.

These are just a few examples of the double-speak that we all engage in. But I wonder if we always hear the sub-text when someone says:

I hear what you say

I see where you are coming from

I hope you like strong tea

I’ll get back to you on that

Here, let me get you a coaster

No, no, I’m not offended. I can take a joke.

The conference covered a lot of ground and there was a full and frank exchange of views

You look really young

Please don’t mind me

It’s not that I don’t believe you …

Q. How do you like him?
A. Actually, I hardly know him
A. He’s very good at his job
A. He means well
A. I’ve got nothing against him

Q. How do you like my house?
A. It has that lived-in look
A. It makes you feel at home
A. What an interesting colour scheme
A. I hate a home where everything is neatly put away

Q. You’ve heard my complaint. Will you put it right?
A. I have listened with interest and made a note of your views
A. I’ll make these points clear to all concerned
A. I assure you I will keep it top-of-mind
A. I’ll look into it, first chance I get

I hope I’m not interrupting

Forgive me, but …

You must come over for dinner some time

We’re all in this together

Now, how about some of your own?