How to make a one-minute speech

The key elements are:

• establish context or commonality
• hook
• theme
• need or problem
• benefit/disadvantage
• offer solution/make a proposition
• outcome

Start by sending out a carrier wave, some way of establishing common ground, e.g. ” We are all communicators here…” or “It’s the question we speakers are always asking ourselves…”

Quickly moved to your hook. In fact, you could use the hook to establish common ground, combing the first two stages, e.g. “This year Americans will pay over 38 billion dollars to hear someone speak. I’ll translate that into English. They’ll pay 24 billion pounds to hear someone speak…”

Then then state your theme, e.g. “I’d like to tell you what you need to become a professional speaker”.

State the main benefit, e.g. “With the right guidance you could qualify for the high fees that top professional speakers are paid.”

Mention a possible obstacle, e.g. “It’s not as easy as you might think, and if you get it wrong it could take a long time to claw your way back.”

Then make a proposition, e.g. “You need to set aside at least one half-day, and preferably two, to learn the secrets of becoming a professional speaker.”

Finally, focus on an outcome, e.g. “If you are serious about a career as a speaker, register now for my seminar, Be Paid to Speak.”