Will branding win you advocates?

A business creates its position in the market place by developing a Brand. The brand is its identity, based on its core competencies. It is how customers recognise it. Brand recognition comes through familiarity with the company logo, the livery on its vans, the style of its retail premises and its promotional literature. But most […]


Avoid commodization

We live in an Experience Economy. Customers judge us according to the experience of dealing with us, just as we do when we are customers. Those who have not understood the concept of the Experience Economy often resort to the “commoditization” of their offerings.  They have lost sight of anything that makes their offerings different […]

networking winner

Networking winner

He worked alone, from home, like so many solo-preneurs. But he missed the companionship of workmates. So an invitation to a networking event seemed attractive. He put on a suit and pocketed a quantity of business cards. For good measure he also took along half a dozen trifold leaflets about his business. Just in case. […]

Under the influence of Networks

Online networking has enabled us to communicate with more people than previously, and brought us under the influence of more streams of thought. However, having been a boarder at school and university, I sense a similar kind of influence in the dialogues that take place, the influence of the …read more Source: PKP Communicators

What defines you?

I was working on a major newspaper that was in a state of transition. Building up my team, I recruited a young man from Pakistan, in his early 20s. His background made him respectful towards the “old guard”, especially his elders, including one of the middle managers who were …read more Source: CV Masterclass

When West meets East

Oh, East is East, and West is West, and never the Twain shall meet Of course the twain do meet in today’s small world—but research since the 1980s has illuminated huge differences between western thinking on the one hand and the way people think in the Far East …read more Source: PKP Communicators